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Sweaty Vitor Belfort posts bizarre flexing video, hulks up and screams unintelligibly at camera FREE $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD


Sweaty Vitor Belfort posts bizarre flexing video, hulks up and screams unintelligibly at camera FREE $25 AMAZON GIFT CARD

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Vitor Belfort
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So apparently Vitor Belfort is immune to punishment. Not only did Vitor Belfort get his license, but he is also getting a title shot right after failing a drug test. He was one of the three stooges that got busted for banned substances. The first two being Wanderli Silva and Chael Sonnen with Vitor Belfort finishing the trifecta of shame. After all the talk from the UFC of about being a clean sport, this doesn’t look good. In 2013 the UFC voluntarily suspended Thiago Tavares after elevated levels of an unspecified PED we found by the commission. They didn’t take action, but the UFC decided they wanted to punish him. Tavares was suspended for nine months.
Vitor Belfort was first caught taking 4-hydroxytestosterone, an anabolic steroid. This was back in 2006 after his fight with Dan Henderson. He was suspended for nine months and ordered to pay a $10,000 fine by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC). Belfort blamed the positive result on a supplement he bought. It’s a story we’re used to hearing now a days. Now I’m not exactly sure when Belfort started taking TRT but some people say it was before the Anderson Silva fight. I think the first time Vitor was publicly questioned for it, was after his fight with Michael Bisping. That’s when Vitor began dancing around questions regarding TRT.
After some speculation, on Febuary 6 2013 the UFC announced Vitor was given a TRT exemption before his fight with Micheal Bisping.
Things didn’t get easier for Belfort after his KO win over Luke Rockhold in May of 2013. When MMA Journalist John Morgan of MMA Junkie asked Belfort about TRT Belfort responded by threatening to get people to attack Morgan. I mean it doesn’t get much worse. The UFC released a code of conduct for all fighters a month earlier. Page two of the Code of conduct states:

Discipline may be imposed for misconduct, which includes, without limitation, the following examples:

The UFC did not decide to punish Belfort for this threat. I see a pattern. Dana White has been back and forth on TRT. One day he calls it “Junk” and the next day he says it’s a good advancement in sports medicine, we just need to police it. If that wasn’t bad enough, after many matches he had in Brazil on TRT, the little legitimacy the Brazilian anti-doping lab had was taken away after Wada revoked their credentials. Their ability to determine if Belfort was abusing TRT was in question. You would think someone would lay low with all this controversy surrounding him. Vitor did not. His many comments are legendary. Saying things like TRT evens the playing field, I’ve never felt better, TRT doesn’t win fights and my favorite one, I have a God that turns bad into good. These comments just rubbed fans the wrong way.

Fast forward to November 9th, 2013, Vitor Belfort vs. Dan Henderson 2. Vitor once again fights in Brazil. Both Belfort and Henderson were given TRT exemptions. That fight ended with Belfort head kicking Henderson to sleep. That was the last fight we’ve seen Vitor in. As we all know, he was set to face Chris Weidmen. Then the shit hit the fan. The Nevada State Athletic Commission passed a motion banning all TRT. Brazil was soon to follow. Belfort may have been a big reason for that ban. Belfort pulled out of the championship match a day later. Rumors started circulating that Vitor was given a random drug test in Febuary of 2014. Vitor went on record saying he was given a drug test and the results were irrelevant because he was not applying for a license to fight at the time. Time would show this comment to be pure bullshit. If Vitor wanted to fight, he knew he had to release the test results. He would surely be questioned about it when he eventually did try to get a license. I’m not sure why he tried to cover up the results in the first place. Unless he was going to avoid NSAC for the rest of his career.

Vitor Belfort was replaced by Lyoto Machida in the title match against Chris Weidmen. While this was happening another circus was going with Chael Sonnen and Wanderli Silva. Their fight was set for July 5th in Las Vegas. Well, that is until Wanderli ran out on a drug test. The UFC wanted Vitor to replace Wanderli Silva. Then the shit hits the fan once again and Chael Sonnen was busted for banned substances. You would think the UFC was done supporting cheaters by then, but that would be the right thing to do. Forget that, not when there’s money to be made.

Why does the UFC allow this to happen. According to Randy Couture, the UFC is the one that introduced Belfort to TRT. If we are to believe him, then we must consider the fact that the UFC may have been quietly introducing other fighters to TRT as well. It does help business to have its’s fighters KO everyone. It’s an easy assumption to make. To be fair, I have not seen any evidence for it.

Vitor Belfort, with the support of the UFC, had a hearing with the NASC and was granted a license. It seems no matter what the rules are, what’s best for business trumps what’s best for the sport of MMA.

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When is the fight going to start?


When is the fight going to start?

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